How to prepare a TEDx talk – In februari 2015  mocht ik voor de 2e keer 7  TEDx sprekers coachen. Iedere spreker met een persoonlijk en bijzonder verhaal. Als ik ergens energie van krijg is het wel om sprekers te coachen die een enorme drive hebben om hun verhaal en hun idee te delen.

In een interview vertel ik meer over mijn bijdrage aan het event als speaker coach.
Je kunt het hier lezen:


Chantal van Riel is a speaker coach and for the second year she is assisting our speakers in how to deliver their best talk. We conducted a small interview with her so that everyone can get to know her and her work a bit better.

 How did you get into coaching speakers?

I used to organise conferences and saw hundreds of speakers on stage. A lot of them were struggling. There was no connection with the audience. After obtaining my Speaker Coach Certification I started providing coaching to serve speakers and the audience.

 Why TEDxAUCollege?

It is so nice to work with an amazingly diverse group of wonderful speakers. And a great pleasure to work again with the enthusiastic and professional organizing team of AUC. It is really inspiring!

 What is your most cherished memory of working with us?

Last year I had the opportunity to work with Yoonis Osman Nuur. He is a refugee and has lived illegally in the Netherlands for the last 10 years. Without a residence permit or legal status you are invisible, but Yoonis is different. He spoke about having a voice rather than a passport. He is using his voice to help others being heard. His story touched me deeply.

 So what are you up to these last few days before the event?

This week I saw 5 speakers for one-on-one coaching and 2 via Skype.

We worked on every kind of last-minute delivery coaching, we ran through slides and talks and softened up the edges. And yes, we achieved significant improvements and it made a real difference, even this close to the actual talk.

 How do you coach speakers?

When I am coaching, I simply listen, give feedback, and ask questions. Sometimes we discover hidden insights, such as stories the audience wants to hear. During the coaching sessions I try to dig a little deeper, stretch my coachee to bring the presentation to life.

 So what is your favorite TED talk?

I am always inspired by stories that are told from the heart, like the one from Amanda Palmer, the art of asking. It is all about creating a personal connection.

TED talk Amanda Palmer


Something totally different and pretty unique is the talk from Will Stephen I saw this week. A talk about nothing!

TED talk How-to-sound-smart-in-your-TEDx


Do you have any tips?

Yes, it is not about you! It is about the story you are telling, about the idea you want to share and about the audience you are sharing it with.


Don´t forget to slow down and take a moment to breathe. Realize that the audience is hearing your story for the first time, it is all new. They need the pauses to digest the new information.

But most importantly – be yourself! There is no better way to inspire others than to just be yourself.

Wanna know more about Chantal and the way she works?